Being an Adult With Braces

Lil ole me graduating college. Catch them grills.

Have you ever seen that Growing up with braces article about the nostalgia of having braces as a little tyke? Well, I don’t remember, because I have them now at the age of 21. I got them last summer in July and have been flashing my grills ever since. Except, not in my health column photo because who wants to take advice from a girl who looks like she’s twelve?

As if being a young person with the responsibility of teeth maintenance is hard enough, try sneakily throwing your bands out at a public reception, just to snack on hors d’oeuvre. Allow me to reflect on the struggles.

Going out, with braces

Over spring break, my housemates and I traveled to Myrtle Beach. Even though I’ve had braces since July, I just got elastic bands this year to help my bite alignment. I used to have to wear them all the time, but now it’s down to 14 hours…big whoop. So, down at the beach, there’s an area with a bunch of clubs. In general, I hate talking to new people because they stare at my mouth and think my bands is spit, so it makes me self conscious. Let’s just say I avoided wearing the bands when going out to the clubs. The same goes for bars. The bouncer checks my ID, I smile and say thank you, and hope he doesn’t notice.

It’s a darn good thing I’m taken because it probably wouldn’t be easy to date. miranda

Food restrictions, with braces

Whether you’re an adult with them or not, the doc gives you a list of foods to avoid so brackets don’t break. I tried eating an apple for the first time last week and constantly wanted to pick the food out. Spinach? Forget it. Luckily a water pic comes in handy. Some other difficult items to eat include beef jerky, (I haven’t tried corn on the cob yet), carrots, large sandwiches, etc. I manage, but it’s knowing the food is stuck in my teeth after.

Maintenance, with braces

bracesI keep a pack of bands in my purse, at work, at home in my room and in my bathroom. It doesn’t help that I eat every three hours, because at work, I have to brush my teeth, then put my bands back in.

Maintenance is crucial without braces anyway. It teaches responsibility and gets you in the habit of attaining pearly whites. Another thing is to swish salt water because random sores occur overnight and don’t get better with food. 

The plus side of the colored bands is that I don’t have to be indecisive about choosing, because I’m an adult, and a coffee drinker, silver is the way to go.

Despite these ridiculous complaints, I’m thankful to straighten them out while I still can. I’m also happy to hear anyone’s horror stories so that I can learn what not to do :)


Happy flossing!

Crossing Borders

statesWe’re always quick to think about the differences between the north and south, the east and west, and even the differences in each country. We rarely notice the similarities. People in the south tend to speak slower and may eat different foods than northerners while the west coast is said to be laid back and health conscious versus the east coast.

Now that I work in Vermont, live in Massachusetts and I’m from New York, I get a taste of lifestyle differences every single day. Some days I visit all three states and it gets real fun. When I first came to Mass., one of the few things I was told to recognize was the use of the word “wicked” and how to properly pronounce Worcester. It’s not Wor-Chester its Wah-ster, kinda.

After being living here for three and a half years, I’ve learned on my own that New Yorkers do not drive the same way Mass. drivers do…. Maybe this is the time to express how heavy my bias is and that I’m guilty of disliking other state’s customs.

If you drive in Mass., you WILL be cut off and you will get stuck behind people who drive the exact speed limit and not one notch faster. I’ve also seen a few hesitant drivers who contemplate pulling out or turning as well as not realizing the right of way. It also doesn’t help that the roads in North Adams are very difficult to get the hang of.

I read an article once that mentioned that New Yorkers have their own way of doing things and that might be true. I haven’t noticed much about the people in Vermont contrary to what people think, i.e. hipster stoners who live off of the land. There’s a lot of opioid use, just like the rest of the country has, and it also has the same strength and weaknesses as the rest of the country politically and economically.


The similarities have to do with geography and the beautiful rolling mountains. NY has the Adirondacks, VT has the Green Mountains and Mass. has the Berkshires. I lived in Maryland for a little and as much as I loved Ocean City, the flatlands and lack of fall foliage didn’t do it for me. Perhaps that’s why I haven’t gotten sick of these three states yet. They all have so much to offer and are generally doing the same thing. At least from my knowledge, the Berkshires’ art and music scene is rapidly growing on a large and small scale with support from locals. The same is happening in southern VT with the Vermont Arts Exchange and other small galleries. New York is a little different for that scene and I haven’t dabbled much in committees or groups, but there’s tons of entertainment, music and art in Albany and now in surrounding communities. All of which I was blind to growing up because I couldn’t wait to leave my small hometown and venture into the wonderful world of adults and bills and responsibilities.

I searched for common stereotypes in these three states and found this for Mass.Vermont and NY.

massYou may think Vermonter’s are hippies, but states exist in sections, and southern Vermont is not something to associate with the entire state. That also goes for Mass. and NY. I could go into a debate about upstate NY versus downstate, but I’ll leave that to the blogs with “20 ways you know you’re from Upstate NY.” It’s like an island inside a state inside a country. When people think of Mass. they think of Boston. When people think of NY they think of the city, and when people think of Vermont they think of mountains and hippies and legalized marijuana.

Yes Vermont has a lot of cattle and farmland, but SO DOES Mass. and NY. They probably have the same if not more. I always thought I was from the country growing up next to the Heldebergs, but 10 minutes any which way from there was much more country than what I thought country was. Even Maryland has country, and people only think of Baltimore and crabs. vermont

The moral of all of this is is that I’m a New Yorker living elsewhere and it’s pretty hard to adapt to other customs. I’m not sure why Mass. drivers don’t understand the right of way, but one day I hope to seek that answer. Vermont is doing pretty well in my book so far, except for that all the large towns are very far away from each other. I’ll always call NY home despite the taxes. There’s too much pride in being where your from to hate it. I’ll try my best not to tailgate the massholes for as long as live inside state lines….

Why I Care About The Presidential Election

In the past, I’ve paid no attention to the presidential election until it came down to the final two and whoever didn’t make the most sense sounded right. Since entering the professional journalism world, I’ve succumbed to two 30 minute drives consumed by National Public Radio (NPR) and now I’m willing to enter a campaign trivia game if needed. No, not really, but I’m that confident.

Before I did get into politics, after analyzing the race, I really only want to look away because the biggest idiot in America is head of the Republican party. This could be a post complaining about Trump, but rather it be promoting the race for my generation to go out and vote. I care about this presidential election because Trump is a candidate with inconsistent remarks who is all over the place. People base his success on the buildings he has built, which most of them just lease his name to be on it. More about his ridiculousness John Oliver.


Do you really want this guy as your next president?

As social media contorts the simplest of things, it has shed a lot of light on this year’s election and gained a ton of attention from millennials. Part of the reason why I’ve never cared about the election was because I wasn’t an adult and for 2012, I turned 18 late and couldn’t register in time. Now that the internet does whatever it does, its hard to shy away from the leading candidate’s latest memes. This is part where I warn my generation to be cautious when basing their political views on what they see in the media. Figure out what each candidate’s policies are and base your opinion on that, not the highlights from rioter’s at a caucus.

Today is the primary election day in 13 states, which basically means nothing for the general election in November, however, it does show the popularity vote in each state, which could lay the grounds for the bigger election day.

Now that the polls have closed (at least in Vermont) keep up with factual sources for the presidential election and get out and vote for who you want in office. Don’t just retweet and repost videos and memes. Practice what you preach.